Mobile Shelters

Our high-quality, handmade shelters have been designed after talking to numerous customers about what they really wanted from a shelter—so we can be sure we deliver on functionality, efficiency, and value for money.

The basic principle of the shelter was first designed for horses. Being open-ended, this allowed for horses to flow in and out and not feel trapped being a flight animal.

This design has evolved over time to meet the requirements of our customers, whether it’s to shelter your livestock, provide a social environment with a high end glamping shelter, outdoor classroom, learning environment or create secure storage for your vehicle or valuables. They’re also, quite simply, beautiful to look at.

As well as the myriad of benefits of choosing a WoodScott shelter, they are also a practical, Sturdy, and cost-effective way to shelter what’s required and protect from the elements. Our all-season bespoke shelters mean you never have to miss an opportunity to embrace the great outdoors.

We offer a variety of options to adapt your shelter to suit your needs.

Why not add a canvas front, a full-length skylight, or closed timber end sections with the option of windows and doors to transform your shelter into a more enclosed space.

For that extra peace of mind, you’ll be pleased to hear that all our shelters come with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee.

Choose your Mobile Shelter


Prices exclude VAT

Select a footprint (width by depth)

The 10‘ x 12‘ Shelter is a good size for one or two small ponies or 8 sheep. The 12”6” x 16’ Shelter is a good size for three or four small ponies or 2 to 3 large horses. The 12’6” x 20’ Shelter is a good size for 4 to 5 large horses.

Select a height

The 7'6" shelter is a comfortable height for small ponies and livestock. The 8'6" shelter is a comfortable height for 16 hand horses. The 9'6" shelter is a comfortable height for 19 hand shires horses . The height measurements given above are the internal head heights. Add 20cm / 8” for external overall height.

DIY kit, or delivered & erected

Delivery charges for ‘Delivered and Erected’ price includes delivery within 30 miles of Axminster each mile beyond this, a charge will be made of £1.75 per mile up to 100 miles, beyond this will need to be discussed. Delivery charges for ‘DIY Kit’ are delivered to you by our local trusted carrier, for cost of delivery please add postcode in contact form. Please see FAQs at the bottom of this page for more details.

Do you require any optional extras?

We have a variety of optional extras to add to your Mobile & Glamping Shelters. Please see our full range below.

Additional optional upgrades for Mobile Shelters

Heavy Duty Large Frames

Diagonal braces not required with these frames

£220 per frame

Accoya, Eco Timber Skids

12ft – £317

16ft – £394

20ft – £559

Heavy-duty, durable Douglas Fir cladding Additional cost

12ft cladding £390

16ft cladding £633

20ft option comes with heavy duty cladding.

Internal ply kickboards

Painted/waterproofed in our workshop


Slip rail brackets and rail for one end 

For feeding, shoeing and vets

£64 kit

£88 fitted

16ft Full length Clear sky light 

£985 kit

£1,150 fitted

Arched side window

£750 kit

£940 fitted

16ft Internal painted ply skin and waterproof membrane 

£985 kit

£1,780 fitted

16ft Internal floor and joists 

£758 kit

£1,885 fitted

Canvas front with zip and windows 

£736 kit

£798 fitted

Removable 3 piece end section


Fixed closed end section

£275 kit

£455 fitted

Closed solid end section with lockable doors

Stable door £2,393

Double doors £2,805

Bespoke Accoya, double glazed, draft proof window

£695 kit

£745 fit price

Single glazed window

£457 kit

£506 fitted

Carved Named Plaque

from £66

Timber Rubbing batten 

To protect the waterproof coating on the frames

£95 kit

£250 fitted 

Aluminium anti-bite strips 

To stop your horse chewing timber edges

£317 kit

£446 fitted

All upgrades and optional extras are subject to VAT

The WoodScott Mobile Shelter Gallery

How they work and how they are made


Our Shelters are designed and made by WoodScott Joinery, in the heart of rural Devon. They combine the best of traditional joinery craftsmanship with innovative, contemporary design.

Their arched design means that rain and snow wash straight off,  rather than collecting on the roof and causing damage over time. Similarly, their curved shape means they withstand high winds effectively, making them ideal for exposed locations.

DIY or Built

We can either bring the Shelter construction kit to your location in the UK and assemble it for you, or we offer ‘DIY’ kits which contain shelter frames, timber cladding, timber skids, screws, bolts and brackets; everything you require for a complete shelter. We will also provide you with an information sheet, as well as offering phone support if required. Everything will be delivered to you by our trusted local carrier.


The Gothic arched frames are constructed from a triple layer of sustainable, structural exterior-grade plywood which is highly durable. They are then screwed and glued together with a high-quality, fully waterproof glue. The frames are then treated with two coats of waterproof timber preserver

Weatherproofing & Treatment

The frames are made from fully weatherproof, sustainably-sourced timber. They are immensely strong, but still lightweight enough to move easily. Everything is screwed and glued together with a high-quality, fully waterproof adhesive. The frames are then treated with a double coat of waterproof timber preserver for extra peace of mind.

Base & Footings

As the skids sit straight on the ground, which can be uneven, no footings are required, therefore no ground preparation is necessary, and why your shelter would not need planning permission. They are held firmly in place by being bolted to 10x ground stakes.


Four diagonal braces are required, one in each corner, these are also held in place with ground stakes and bolts. This makes the structure very solid, will withstand winds over 80 mph and can be positioned in very exposed locations.

No planning permission required

To comply with planning laws, our shelters are truly mobile and can be moved easily. To move your shelter, you simply remove the fixings from the stakes, then brace the skids with lengths of timber, tie a tow line through the holes in the ends of the skids and pull.

Delivery charges

Price quoted is assuming all materials can easily be delivered to the exact location of where the shelter is to be installed and that the ground is level and ready for the erection of the shelter. A small fee  will be charged to allow for any extra work that may be required: For example, carrying timber across fields to location, ground work etc.

If you are concerned about access, have additional delivery requirements or feel that any of the above may be required, please contact us.

‘DIY’ standard kits contain the shelter frames, timber cladding, timber skids, screws, bolts & brackets, everything you require for a complete shelter.

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