The practical, innovative and cost-effective way to shelter your horse/live stock in a mobile field shelter.

We’ve designed these shelters after talking to horse owners about what they really want from a shelter – so we can be sure they deliver on functionality, efficiency and value for money. They’re also, quite simply, beautiful to look at and, best of all, horses love them!

All our shelters come with a comprehensive two-year guarantee, for your peace of mind.

The shelter’s design means that horses can walk right through, creating a feeling of light, air and space whilst providing a sturdy shelter. They’re large enough to accommodate several horses at once, yet inspire a feeling of safety and refuge.

The frames are made from fully weatherproof, sustainably-sourced timber. They are immensely strong, but still lightweight enough to move easily. They’re available in three standard sizes and all made in the WoodScott joinery workshop in east Devon.

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