Our Glamping shelter is the perfect place for your guests to sit, relax and socialise with other Glampers, with the clear skylight, there is a chance to view a shooting star.

An opportunity for alfresco dining, a pizza night, then kick back and share your holiday highlights with new friends.
We are all to familiar with the good old British weather and how unpredictable it can be, in the Glamping shelter it gives you another option for your guests outside of their accommodation.

At WoodScott we have designed and installed outdoor classrooms for some local schools, giving them the opportunity for outdoor learning and workshop space, the children flourish when outside and the learning opportunities are endless and in todays current climate, each school has to adapt more than ever.

Due to our amazing workshop space, we can create your requirements to suit any clientele, a glamping wedding party, decorated with stunning flowers and flowing fabrics, a quiet yoga space, bike store for you guests, office space, art studio, the possibilities are endless.

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