Cabins & Glamping

From a small garden office or studio, to a large glamping cabin, WoodScott Bespoke cabins are built to suit all your requirements, so the unreliability of the British weather will never stop you enjoying the great outdoors.

Highly durable and fully-waterproof, these handcrafted cabins and rooms are the perfect eye-catching addition to any garden, field or holiday stay. The locations may change, but you can be safe in the knowledge that your shelter will perform brilliantly year after year.


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A cosy home away from home, or a charming mini holiday at the bottom of your garden, our handmade cabins are perfect for a summer's evening under the stars. With solid timber doors and a wide range of storage and upholstery options, we can create a wonderfully comfortable space in which to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Garden Rooms

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If you need a place to get away from it all, either to work, relax, dine, or simply enjoy nature in all its glory, a timber-framed garden room could be the perfect addition to your outdoor space. In our busy workshop, we can create the garden room to suit your exacting needs. Whether it's a quiet yoga space, a bike store, or a sheltered picnic area—we can deliver! 


Whether the sun is beating down, or the grey clouds forming, you can be assured that our Glamping shelter will provide a glorious place of refuge for you and your guests. For BBQs, alfresco dining and social occasions—or even just a spot of stargazing with your family—a Glamping shelter is the smart choice!

Outdoor Learning

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To create a flexible and functional outdoor classroom or workshop space, a WoodScott shelter can be a superb feature. Allowing children to thrive academically and creatively in natural surroundings, these handcrafted pieces are built to provide both practicality and beautiful aesthetics for a unique learning environment.

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The WoodScott Cabin, Glamping & Garden Room Gallery

Our Glamping shelter is the perfect place for you and your guests to sit, relax and socialise with other glampers. Whether it’s alfresco dining, relaxing on a midsummer evening, or, with the clear skylight, catching a glimpse of a shooting star!

At WoodScott, we have designed and installed outdoor classrooms for local schools; creating workshop spaces and learning environments that allow children to flourish in the natural surroundings. Schools have had to be much more flexible and creative with their teaching methods in the last few years, and a WoodScott shelter is the perfect solution in these ever-changing times. 

Thanks to our amazing workshop space, we can build a shelter to suit any client’s needs; a luxurious glamping wedding party, a quiet yoga space, a bike store for your guests, office spaces, an art studio…the possibilities are truly endless.

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