From bespoke joinery, CNC machining to snugs, shelters & cabins....

We’re passionate about wood!

At WoodScott, we pride ourselves on technical excellence and meticulous attention to detail. We only use high-quality timber and all our ancillary fixtures are chosen for their suitability. It is our intention that everything we produce is built to last. We always carve our mark into every piece as we are proud of what we make… and we find our clients are, too!

Bespoke & CNC

Our Projects range from Bespoke Front doors, windows, staircases, Kitchens, built-in furniture, or even a luxury garden room. We have extensive experience in bespoke joinery and CNC machining. 

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Mobile Shelters

Our mobile shelters make great horse and livestock shelters. Animals feel a sense of freedom while being sheltered from the elements. They make great vehicle shelters too. Over the years, we have upgraded these shelters to make beautiful garden and glamping shelters. 

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Cabins & Glamping

From a small garden office/studio, to a large glamping cabin, Woodscott Bespoke cabins are built to suit all your requirements, so the unreliability of the British weather will never stop you enjoying the great outdoors.

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The Snug

Branscombe Bespoke (branscombe-9.jpg)

Our alfresco Snug is the perfect way for lovers of the great outdoors to enjoy their natural surroundings all year round… whatever the weather.

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Our two gypsy cobs have been using a Woodscott mobile field shelter for several years and it is one of their favourite places to be! We placed the shelter in the woods where it really blends in well with its surroundings. It is used throughout the year but is particularly useful during the hot weather because the open ends allow a gentle throughput of air making it a very comfortable place for two hot ponies, and during the winter it keeps the rain off. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend the arc design for horses and ponies, it seems to be a more natural shelter than the traditional three-sided construction. Having already purchased an inferior product from another company, which fell down within a week, we can testify to the very robust and high quality of Woodscott's shelters. We wouldn't buy anything else and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. 

A. Rofe

Scott erected an incredible multi-use outdoor classroom shelter for our Forest School area. With a wooden structure, it is perfect for use in nature and teaching about reusing natural resources and with double doors at either end, we can hide away from the storms or let the sun in as we need! The tables and benches along the length that he bespoke designed and installed are perfect working spaces for the children to create and complete together in teams. The structure has been installed for many years and is standing the strains of time so well, showing no signs of aging or warping and withstands the stresses of children multiple times a week, every week!

Ellis Holt - Forest School Manager

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About WoodScott

From our 4500 square feet of workshop space in Axminster, Devon, we have the craftsmen and equipment to produce anything using this wonderful natural resource. Whether it’s custom-made joinery, stunning kitchens, garden furniture, or handcrafted snugs and outdoor shelters — everything we make is engineered from wood and built to last for generations.

Over the last decade, WoodScott has amassed a loyal customer base who appreciate the bespoke nature of our work. Each client and their commissions are treated as an individual challenge and an opportunity to produce a one-off piece of exceptional quality.

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