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Accoya The Ultimate High Performance Timber for External Joinery


At Woodscott Joinery, we love working with Accoya for much of our external Joinery. Accoya is a highly graded engineered timber which has been modified by acetylation, a non toxic process, which gives Accoya the ability to outperform the very best tropical hardwooods. Accoya is guaranteed against rot for 50 years, and is highly stable making it the perfect material for making external doors and windows. The stability of Accoya in damp and humid enviroments means windows and doors will open and close like new for years to come, while paints, stains and finishes will last up to four times longer than on traditional hardwoods. 

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Have a look at the table below to see more of the benefits of using Accoya, if you have questions about using Accoya for your application please do not hesitate to call us.

Accoya Performance Benefits